TL-2200 QVP Mini


The TL-2200 QVP Mini


Juki TL2200 QVP is a super fast stitcher at 1500 spm and It uses industrial designed components. Built from an aluminium internal chassis with strong metal body, this machine uses all the original JUKI qualities, plus the added benefits of modern technology, like the under bed thread cutter, which will snip off both the top and bobbin thread at the touch of a button, leaving a neatly finished seam.
The fully automatic thread cutter can also be operated with the press of the foot control unit. Just like the true industrial factory sewing machine, you have the option to use your foot to cut thread ends and your knee to lift the presser foot. Legendary industrial qualities built in. It will sew a perfect straight stitch no matter how many thicknesses you feed under the metal foot. The feed dogs can be lowered via the easy to access lever, to allow for stippling and free-motion embroidery. Other features: Telescopic twin spool pins, means large thread cones can be used.


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